Friday, July 18, 2008

Last Day at my job.... 8 days to go till Japan!!

Hi Everyone!

So, today is my last day at my job where I've been doing admin type/data entry type/stress reduction type work.

It's 1130 and the girls have already made me cry twice!!!! I've only been at work 3 hours, 6 to go... sheesh!!!

We had a morning tea of springrolls ('springies'!) and lolly cake and other assorted tasty slices, how I love those springies and lolly cake. I have to get my mother to send me a recipe and the necessary ingredients for lolly cake when I'm in Japan so that I can introduce the American JETs to the wonders of lolly cake!! Then once we degreased our fingers from the springies the girls gave me a couple of presents, a soft toy kiwi (whom I have named Kiwi-san) and a Pikorua (Double Twist) bone carving necklace with a couple of pieces of paua on it. The double twist 'depicts two new shoots growing together - representing the joining of cultures, the bonding of friendship'. So appropriate! I have to thank Big Foote ('Auntie') and Little Foote for choosing them, so thoughtful those Feete girls.

I've had lots of fun and learned a lot at my work over the last 5 and a half months and will be sad to leave to go work at Shikino JHS but Japan is a new adventure as is every step that I take in my life.

I'll add photos of the card, the kiwi and the carving later when I have my camera and can take photos. Lol.


P.S. Congratulations Jane and Andy!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Japan is Getting Really Close all of a Sudden.

Hi all!

So, it's 2 weeks to go now. One more week at my job... it's suddenly getting a little scary.

Good news today: I finally found out what school I am going to be teaching at and have had it confirmed that I will also be teaching at least one primary school during the week. Also, my apartment comes with an air conditioning and heating unit in the wall. Huzzah!!!! A/C, exactly what I've been wishing for!!!!

Bad news today: My apartment doesn't come with furniture, appliances or fridge.... doom on a stick! How am I going to cool the NZ Pinot Gris that I intend to buy at Duty Free when I get there?! It should be all good, the current JETs that are there are going to do their best to organise stuff for us then bring on the One Hundred Yen store I get to decorate my own place that I have all to myself!! (There are other JETs in the building though, just that the apartment is all mine.) YAY!!! There's always a sliver lining.

Reality is hitting and it's hitting hard but that's ok. I'm going to make the most over the next couple of weeks by hanging out with as many people as possible but getting as much rest as possible at the same time.

Speaking of, I have emails to send...

More posts later in the week etc as I work on getting myself organised for leaving.